Snapshots of Jesus in Luke’s Gospel

These sermons were delivered during the 2019-2020 school year. They can be accessed at our YouTube channel or below. The message of the Gospel of Luke is that

God in Jesus has acted to fulfill his promises to his people to free them from the guilt of their sin and to empower them to live transformed lives in a growing community of believers that worship Jesus, love each other, and take care of the poor, the widowed, the orphan, and the foreigner in their midst

Luke 1:1–4 – Trusting the Bible
Luke 1:67–79 – A Song of Salvation
Luke 3:1–3, 15–22 – Baptism of the Beloved Son
Luke 7:36–50 – Forgiveness and Love at the Table of a Pharisee
Luke 8:40-56 – A Tale of Two Women
Luke 9:18-36 – Following Jesus from the Cross to the Resurrection
Luke 10:17-24 – A Permanent Joy
Luke 18:1-17 – Righteous Faith, Not Self-Righteousness
Luke 19:1–10 – Intimate Encounters with Jesus Lead to True Repentance
Luke 23:32-49 – A Saving Death
Luke 24:1-12, 36-43 – The Unexpected Triumph of God’s Goodness